Puppy Shampoo


12661994_1042189575839941_142542287937654385_nMy dog, Gretchen, hates A LOT of things… rain, people walking too close to her, puppy seat belts… you name it, but I don’t think there is anything she despises more than bath time. Her bath time used to consist of me trying to keep her in the sink while she struggled to escape, howled at the top of her lungs and desperately tried to claw at me to pick her up.  I started researching more about how to incorporate essential oils with animals, and I finally came up with this shampoo recipe that both has calming scents and oils that have benefits for dog fur & the skin underneath (Gretchen gets dry and itchy skin, so I added the peppermint and lavender to soothe it).

After I made this shampoo, bath time has been a lot easier and incredibly relaxing. Gretchen will stand on her own in the sink while I massage her and rinse her off.  We then move over to the couch where I have a little personal heater set up and she gets a massage with a scoop of coconut oil and 1 drop of Lavender while the heater dries her fur.  She fell asleep both times we have gone through this process now!

I feel so much better knowing that she doesn’t have to feel so scared and stressed during bath time anymore (now time to combat some of her other fears), and that I can bathe her more often so she doesn’t stink! It’s also therapeutic for me since I get to breathe in all the amazing smelling oils and there is nothing more relaxing that massaging a dog in your lap!