04/16/2018: Remember Me?

Guys. What is happening? I went to look at my blog thinking just a few months have passed since the last time I gave an update and I find out that it has been WELL over a year… holy moly! Time has been flying by. 😅

I guess I should start by giving you a few updates since quite a bit has happened since we last spoke.

First, and most exciting, Michael and I are ENGAGED!!! Woo! This happened WAY back in May of 2017 and we’ve been slowly chipping away at wedding plans ever since. I’ll share the full story in another post someday. 💍


Second, I’ve been working my way up the corporate ladder at my current job in the marketing world and have received 2? maybe 3? promotions since we last spoke and I am currently the Social Media Manager for an amazing marketing agency in beautiful Banker’s Hill. All of my roles have been challenging, but SO rewarding. If you’re in the San Diego area and looking for a killer marketing job, hit me up… we’re growing like crazy!

Let’s see, some other quick fun updates: I got a new car ALL BY MYSELF and reached peak adulthood, I got into a weekly workout routine and am feeling a lot more energized and healthy, I went to Disneyland and Universal Studios, hiked in Utah, watched the Bachelor for the first time… so many new experiences. I need to document more so I can remember everything!

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I started this blog with a one-track mindset of being the best darn essential oils blogger I could be (ha!) and over time that evolved into essential oils, crafts, and other hobbies, and now I am evolving again! The photo above is my vision board full of passion projects I plan on pursuing over the next 5 years. They range from getting healthy(ier), getting married, making money… possibly adding on to our family? 🤭 In other words, a lot of general adulting is about to go down and gosh darn it, I just want to share my experiences, what I learn, what works, and what I wish I had known before I started, because if we’re being honest here, it’s kind of scary not knowing what the future holds (like how the heck anyone can afford to buy a house just blows my mind right now)!

Anyway, if you want to join this journey, it’s better with friends! Add me on Instagram [@bridgetbalanced] and tell me everything is going to be okay 😂 ☺️