Grow Thick Lashes & Brows!




Eyelash Extensions in a Bottle!


During my last semester of school I got eyelash extensions and kept them up for the entire duration of the semester!  I’m not going to lie, I really liked having eyelash extensions because it meant that I could wear basically no makeup everyday and I still looked ‘put together.’  My lashes were by no means short before the extensions, the extensions just made it look like I was wearing a permanent ‘night out’ around of mascara without the raccoon eyes in the morning. But, as much as I liked wearing the fake lashes, there were some cons.

For one, it is an expensive beauty regimen to keep up with.  The initial cost of applying the lashes was around $120 and each refill was about $50 (plus a tip!).  The eyelash technician recommended coming in every two weeks, but being a thrifty college student, I settled on going in every three weeks and it was fine. (Looking back I just think about all the extra oils I could have bought with that money! Wah!)

Another con was that each time I was getting new lashes put on, I could just feel the glue burning around my eyeballs… now that can’t be natural or good for my already poor eyesight!  And finally, now that I’m letting my fake lashes grow out, I can see that the prolonged wearing of false lashes have caused my real lashes to be short and thin!

I decided enough was enough and I’m now working on growing my lashes back naturally and restoring them to their once long and curly state!